Jerry’s Story

Zac-and-JerryMeet the beautiful Jerry. He came to live with in March after we contacted GAP. We had been thinking about adopting an ex racing greyhound for a while so GAP was our natural choice. They were really helpful.

They asked us what we were looking for in a dog (could be left as we work full time, good with children, OK on acreage) and we had a discussion about our previous dog ownership experience and what greyhounds were like as pets. Jess suggested we meet Jerry and asked us to fill in the adoption form. I did so and emailed it excitedly. We met Jerry a few days later in his foster home. It was great, we got to meet Carol, his foster mum and ask her what he was really like. Plus, he was relaxed and as he would be in our home. If you adopt from a rescue centre it can be hard to know what the dog will actually behave like in a home environment.

We were overwhelmed by Jerry’s happy go lucky nature, his zest for life and the fact that he appeared to love everyone. We took him for a walk and fell in love. Ever cautious, we decided to walk away rather than take Jerry home with us. Needless to say I called GAP the next day!

Jerry is an amazing dog, typical of greyhounds. Even though he is large, even by greyhound standards, it doesn’t feel like you have a big dog around. Contrary to popular perception, Jerry doesn’t need to be walked for hours; he enjoys his 30 minute walk before breakfast in the morning and when we return he has a full-on run on the lawn. He then sleeps all day and is ready to play and run again in the evening. Yes, we have acreage, but Jerry was just as happy living in his foster home in suburbia. He just ran around in slightly smaller circles! Would we adopt another greyhound? Well, we’re talking to Jerry about whether he’d like a mate or a girlfriend…… Greyhounds make superb, easy pets. We would highly recommend them.

(footnote: Zac was added to the family on the 3rd of February 2011. Photo Zac left, Jerry right) VALE: Jerry sadly passed away in 2011. A very much loved and missed boy. RIP

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