Turbo fires in new role at Fairway Rise

ADOPTED greyhound Turbo was a handy performer on the racetrack but he has become a superstar in his new role at the Fairway Rise residential and aged care facility at Lindisfarne.

Mandy Woodorth is the facility manager at Fairway Rise and she believes all similar facilities should consider having a greyhound on site.

Turbo was adopted by Woodorth with the hope he might fit into a role at her place of work and what transpired from day one was quitter amazing.

“I contacted Susan Gittus from Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania about adopting and I outlined the sort of dog I was looking for and we went from there,” Woodorth said.

“The first time I brought him to work he just fitted in and after only four weeks he is already an integral part of the whole operation.

“As soon as I grab the car keys at me each morning he is up and waiting at the door and when we arrive at work he’s straight to his bed in my office and waits until it is time to make the rounds.

“It is quite amazing that the dog just seems to know what to do. The residents have really warmed to him. He will wait until he is beckoned before reacting with the residents but once he gets the come on he goes straight to them and rests his head in their laps. It’s quite amazing.

“He also has had a great impact on the staff who all love to stop and give him a pat and if they kneel down beside him they get a cuddle.

“The affection the dog shows is brilliant and he has such a calming effect on all at the facility.

“The residents and staff are all lining up to take him for a short walk outside for a pit stop.

“He acts as if this is his job and he carries it out very professionally”

Turbo can look forward to a long life of loving and being loved at Fairway Rise.

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